Following the Dream

241 TUTOR: Emma Therese Lewis

Drawing on years of research and practice in this area, the tutor offers an immersive, practical course for those interested in deepening their relationship to their dreams. Echoing the practice of ancient and indigenous peoples, who understood the wisdom in following and conferring the dreams guiding their lives, her contemporary research concurs that this approach still provides the direct experience and guidance necessary for a nourishing life and to navigate any obstacles arising. The tutor facilitates a small, intensive group to consider their dreams with a view to restoring their essential guiding function in daily life.


3 AM
AM course

Course Notes

This small group will meet each morning for one week to present their dreams, reflect on their meanings and observe their on-going effects on, and relevance to, daily life.

These groups are highly confidential and likely to involve the discussion and consideration of personal information and experiences. Participants will benefit from an open approach.

Among other aspects, over the course of the week, we can expect to observe:

• The relationship between dream content and participants' unfolding lives

• The ways dreams link to each other - the themes and connections arising

• Effects of the dreams on people's perceptions and feelings - their "inner” world

• Similarities and differences in experience that arise among the group's members

• Possible meanings of themes and patterns arising within the dream experience

• The effects of the group work on participants

This approach of following one's dreams echoes the traditions of ancient and indigenous peoples whose societies were once guided by these practices. Current researches show that while these ancient practices have fallen out of use in western cultures, when the practice resumes, the original function of dreams can begin to be experienced. Research shows that following dreams reveals patterns and insights that individuals begin to easily relate to their lives.

Participation in a group such as this can serve as a foundation for an individual to develop their own regular practice in attending to their dreams and/or provide impetus to get involved in an on-going group.

Materials Required:

Participants should bring their dream journal or a copy of any dream they wish to contribute. They may also wish to make a note during the session. Mobile phones are discouraged.

Background Reading (optional - not provided):

• Avision - Anthony Lunt

• In Places of Dark Wisdom - Peter Kingsley

Course Tutor

Emma Therese Lewis

Emma Therese Lewis

About Emma Therese

Over the last 17 years Emma has been immersed in formal research concerning the farther reaches of human well-being - what really enables it and what impedes that process. This path has encompassed qualifications to practice as a psychotherapist and a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Having completed these various formal trainings and tutored at post-graduate level, she is involved today in independent post-doctoral research regarding the function of dreams in restoring psyche and community. Emma has a private psychotherapy practice based in the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire - serving both locally and at long distance. Consultations with her often appeal to those working in the healing professions: those seeking support and inspiration in finding their way towards sustainably addressing trauma and enabling well-being in themselves and others. Emma facilitates on-going, local dream groups and yoga intensives enabling people towards fuller embodiment and awareness.

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