Posture, Balance and Flexibility

239 TUTOR: Jo Williams (RSA YMCA)

Posture, balance and flexibility is something we can all improve upon. Particularly as the years go by and in the light of possible injuries, overuse and, of course, sedentary lifestyle. All these factors can affect our body mechanics and limit our potential mobility, range of motion and support for body structure. The good news is that we can improve our posture through the execution of appropriate movement and readjustment of alignment. Balance can also be improved through fairly simple movements incorporating the use of core control. Flexibility is again open to improvement by practicing safe and effective stretching techniques.

2 PM
PM course

Course Notes

We start the course by discussing individual body mechanics/physical history and general feelings concerning one's range of motion, general mobility and balance. Lifestyle history is of course a major factor which affects the above so this will also be discussed. Core control can be a vital component to improvement of functional ability so this too will also be addressed.

As the week progresses, depending on the needs of the group assembled, we delve deeper into the release of tension to improve mobility and posture. This should give us a more effective foundation to experience balance exercises. Toward the middle of the week we shall be executing the above in a class situation to ensure correct alignment and successful improvement through repetition of appropriate moves.

At the end of the week we aim to have a considerable bank of exercise, movement and alignment together with appropriate stretching to enhance flexibility. All this together with plenty of opportunity to discuss individual needs, should help toward a better balanced, potentially more mobile and flexible body.

Mats can be provided but you may wish to bring your own. Wear loose, comfortable clothing such as workout leggings and t-shirts. Any equipment such as Dynabands shall be provided by the instructor. There will also be written handouts to accompany the course. Please also note, every participant will be required to fill in a health questionnaire before the class begins.

Course Tutor

Jo Williams


About Jo

My name is Jo Williams and I am a Level Three Pilates practitioner who also has a 30-year experience in Pilates and many other aspects of health and fitness. I have been teaching at Marlborough College Summer School for ten years and thoroughly enjoy the experience of meeting people from many walks of life and to hopefully bring some improvement to their health and fitness in an enjoyable and encouraging way. 

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