Feasting for Success: How Nutrition can help you win at life

235 TUTOR: Felicity Lucas

Do you have a family and run your own business or go out to work? Do you feel like you are constantly battling with your health or weight? Do you want to know how to perform at your best? In this course, you will find out how the right nutrition can help you with your overall health, weight, energy levels, immunity, mental and gut health. Attendees will learn how pieces fit together to help you and your body. There will be a practical session during the course where we go over body composition assessment methods to get an accurate picture of you. You will find out how to build a diet plan that works for you, as well as get strategies on what you can eat that fits your lifestyle.
1 PM
PM course

Course Notes

Day 1 Starter for 10. Who Am I and what is my background?Introduction to Nutrition

How food is fuel. Why what you read isn't always the whole truth and how one size doesn't fit all, why people may feel like they fail or fall off the wagon. How dietary advice should be personalised, how long it can take research to become public

Day 2 Laying the foundations - Body Composition type and Assessment.Practical session to find out attendees' body type, % body fat and % muscle, why just relying on BMI isn't always the best case. Overview of health and how it can be defined.

Day 3 Starting to build our personalised nutrition plan. Energy Balance and the effects of chronically dieting, how nutrients in food fuel us and our energy. How chronic dieting can affect energy levels. Introduction to macronutrients - Protein and Fat

Day 4 Continuing to build. How nutrition affects the whole body. Macronutrients - completing Fat and Carbs, sample 3-day meal plans (how meal plans are built) how nutrient affects our bones, how sport can affect bone, fibre, and gut

Day 5 Cherry on the Cake. Specific diets for gut health, causes of gut issues and how nutrition can help, nutrition and mental health

What to Bring

·Notebook and Pen for taking notes

·Sports clothing (Sports Top and Sports Shorts) for the practical session on Day 2 when we discuss body composition and assessment methods

Background Reading



Course Tutor

Felicity Lucas

About Felicity

Flick is a Sport and Exercise Nutritionist, specialising in educating female team sport players to optimise their nutrition, thereby increasing knowledge of their own health and reducing the risk of injury during training and matches, so they are confident to play at their best. When she isn't working on her business or running after her two kids, Flick is also doing a PhD at Oxford Brookes University, studying the genetic and clinical risks to bone and muscle injury in contact sports.

Flick has also been involved in teaching both sports teams and undergraduates on various aspects of nutrition. Some of the topics she has covered include diet, exercise and bone health, lifespan nutrition, optimising diet for the training week, effective use of carbs, losing weight and debunking diet myths and nutrition for muscle building and recovery. She also works her clients to develop personalised meal plans packed with tasty, delicious food that build up into nutrition strategies that can help with:

  • Optimising your immune system
  • Building up muscle mass
  • Losing weight sensibly
  • Improving your time to exhaustion
  • Improving gastrointestinal discomfort and other gut issues
  • Working on hydration and recovery strategies
  • Working on nutrition strategies for getting back to training/competition.

Flick is:

  • Graduate Member SENR of the British Dietetic Association
  • Member of The Nutrition Society.
  • Certified UK Anti Doping Advisor ensuring you remain clean and use the right supplements in the right way at the right time
  • ISAK certified Level 1 Anthropometrist and will first carry out a body composition assessment to determine your body type and percentage body fat, waist to hip ratio and extent of muscles.
  • Level 3 trained Phlebotomist
  • Level 2 certified for food safety in catering

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