Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness

219 TUTOR: Christine Browne

Trying to keep up with the pressures of busy work and personal lives can leave you susceptible to the negative effects of stress. On this experiential course, you will explore the benefits of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. You will practise a variety of different techniques, equipping you with strategies to apply in everyday life and help you cope with stressful situations. However, you do not need to be currently experiencing stress to attend this course. Most people find that relaxation and mindfulness techniques bring benefits to both body and mind and enhance their wellbeing. Please note that the duration of this course will be two hours each day.

Course Notes

This course will equip you with techniques to enhance your wellbeing and deal with stress in a more positive way. Each session will build on the last, deepening your understanding and knowledge through experiential learning. We will cover the following topics through discussion and experience:

What are relaxation, meditation & mindfulness?

Experiencing relaxation - progressive muscle relaxation

Understanding stress & the stress response

Benefits of relaxation & mindfulness

Breath awareness

Mind and body connection

Coming out of 'auto-pilot' & cultivating a beginner's mind

Transferable skills of mindfulness & relaxation techniques - how these can be applied to benefit our everyday lives.

If you are interested in trying relaxation and mindfulness techniques this course will give you more information and allow you to try a wide variety of techniques which you will be able to continue to use and adapt in your everyday life.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or similar, a pillow and a blanket.

Please note that this course runs for the duration of 2 hours per day

Course Tutor

Christine Browne

About Christine

Christine has been practising holistic therapies and relaxation techniques for over 20 years and works as both a therapist and a tutor, delivering a range of high quality courses and workshops for both beginners and professionals.

She really enjoys teaching and seeing the changes therapies and relaxation techniques can make to a person's life - often when people start to follow an interest in this area it becomes a lifelong passion. Beginners can soon pick up techniques to benefit them in many areas of their life and increase their sense of wellbeing.

Please visit: for more information.

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