Improver Pilates

209,210 TUTOR: Jo Williams (RSA YMCA)

This is a course for those who already have some experience of pilates. Discover what it can do for you in terms of strengthening the core, streamlining and mobilisation. There is no need to be an expert, just have an understanding of the principles involved such as core connection, postural alignment and a basic awareness of your own body mechanics. There will also be the chance to work with equipment such as Dyna-Bands and Swiss Balls, as well as exploring your own body resistance, both applied to mat work and standing pilates. You will need to bring a mat, enthusiasm and a sense of humour.


Course Notes

The initial morning session will consist of a workshop: an open forum atmosphere whereupon attendees will have the opportunity to fine-tune the applied movements, and discuss any issues arising, in a relaxed non-competitive environment. As Pilates is 'work in progress' for us all, this will be a great chance to establish the precision and alignment that makes the movement work as well as possible for each individual.

Following the break, there will be an hour's masterclass, consisting of the movements worked on in the earlier workshop, put together in a continual flowing class format, usually with music. There will be a slightly different focus each day, involving strength/mobility/alignment/standing/matwork/ equipment, etc.

On the last day, there will be the chance review the week, discuss any individual issues, and to experience Lyrical Pilates masterclass, which involves Pilates movements set to different genres of music, therefore giving an individual feel to each movement, as relates to the content of the musical accompaniment.

I will be forwarding a health-form questionnaire for customers to complete before course begins, so as to enable me to cater to individual needs. Do of course check with your doctor, if you have any medical conditions that could possibly be counter-productive.

Course Tutor

Jo Williams


About Jo

My name is Jo Williams and I am a Level Three Pilates practitioner who also has a 30-year experience in Pilates and many other aspects of health and fitness. I have been teaching at Marlborough College Summer School for ten years and thoroughly enjoy the experience of meeting people from many walks of life and to hopefully bring some improvement to their health and fitness in an enjoyable and encouraging way. 

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