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99 TUTOR: Anya Burzec

Pique assiette, meaning "broken plates”, is the French art of creating forms, images or decorations from the broken pieces of ceramic crockery. In this course you will learn the various techniques involved in pique assiette, and create your own stunning piece of art.

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Course Notes

Pique assiette is a form of art involving the use of broken tiles of pieces of ceramic to form a design. Proponents of pique assiette include the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, who used the pique assiette technique to decorate the elaborate curved surfaces that characterised his work.

In this course you will learn the basic techniques involved in pique assiette and have the opportunity to practice these techniques by creating a number of small samples, before progressing on to a bigger project which you will be able to take away with you at the end of the course.

All required materials and tools will be provided during the course although you are welcome to bring along any old discarded crockery that you would like to use or any items that you would like to decorate.

Day 1: The course starts with a look at Some examples of pique assiette (which may help to inspire you later in the course) before covering the basic techniques involved. Students will then be given the opportunity to practice these techniques through the creation of a number of small sample pieces.

Day 2: Students will finish creating their sample pieces and then start work on the design on their main piece.

Day 3: Students will commence work on their main item.

Day 4: By the end of day four students should have made good progress with their main item, with just the last few finishing steps left to be carried out.

Day 5: Students will be shown how to finish their items, which will include an introduction to grouting techniques. Students will then finish off their pieces.


Course Tutor

Anya Burzec

About Anya


Anya is an established mosaic artist working in and around Dorset and the Cotswolds. As well as producing a constant stream of gallery and bespoke creations, she frequently shares her skills by working as a community artist with children in local schools and with disadvantaged adults.

Her past studies in environmental engineering and passion for the environment greatly impact on her work, which makes extensive and deliberate use of recycled material, from wood off-cuts to broken crockery. This approach is greatly encouraged in her public workshops where participants are invited to bring found or broken objects to include in their art.

In addition to her mosaic work, Anya has also developed a reputation as a creator of bespoke items of jewellery.


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