Exploring the Third Dimension: Introduction to Sculpture

9 TUTOR: Richard Janes (BA Hons)

Learn and explore the techniques and skills involved with creating sculpture, the most fundamental art form. This is a full day introductory course, which will investigate clay modelling, working with plaster, direct carving and metal construction. Each day, you will cover a different skill and explore how to make a new sculpture, in a new material. While this is a largely practical course, you will also look at the rich history of sculpture. It is advisable to wear clothing that you do not mind getting messy.

1 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes

This is a practical course with each day covering different techniques and skills in sculpting. During the sessions, each student will work on a piece of sculpture and will learn the skills to develop this artwork. The emphasis will be put strongly on practical work we will be using examples to work from, but students will be able to create their own work.

Each day will start with a short lecture looking at examples from the great artists that sculpted in the particular materials and techniques to be used during the day. This will be followed by a short practical tutorial looking at particular techniques used in sculpting reinforced with examples and demonstrations. These will be followed in a step-by-step method to learn the basic skills needed. There will then be a practical session where these techniques are applied. Towards the end of the session there will be a group critique of the artworks, looking at what has been achieved during the class, this will be finished with a look at what the next day holds.

During the practical sessions, there will be one to one practical tutorials with each member of the group looking in particular at how to realise their work. This will involve the aesthetic qualities of their creation as well as practical tips and knowledge.

While all tools, safety equipment and materials are provided it is recommended that participants wear older clothes and an apron. Eye protection will be provided but if participants have their own (prescription) glasses these should provide ample protection.


Introduction to tutor and to sculpture with a short lecture on the amazing history of sculpture.

Tutorial on tools and techniques. Demonstration of techniques for getting started, including health and safety. Where to source tools and materials.

Start practical work, learning and developing skills of modelling with Clay including how to keep the material workable, use of modelling tools, carving and building. We will be using the human form as our inspiration looking at artists such as Michelangelo and August Rodin.


Clay and Wire Armature. Using the work of Alberto Giacometti as inspiration. Today will develop themes of the Human Form and expression through stance and gesture. This introduces metal as a material and builds on the modelling used in Day 1


Working with Aluminium wire and Mesh to create a metal sculpture looking at the particular challenges of joining metal without using heat. Using the work of Alexander Calder, Sally Mathews, Celia Smith and Naum Gabo as inspiration.


Carving techniques. Using Aeroblock, a concrete material, students will learn techniques of carving using rasps and chisels to carve a sculpture from the block. This will be dusty work potentially and dust masks will be supplied as required. Using the work of Barbara Hepworth Henry Moore and Constantine Brancusi as inspiration



Finishing your sculptures and looking at whether or not your work needs a plinth and display, surface treatments and finishes. Exhibition and critique of works.



Course Tutor

Richard Janes

BA Hons

About Richard


Richard Janes BA (Hons) is an award-winning artist with over 25 year's experience designing and making sculptures. His sculptural Public Artworks can be seen across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and in private collections. He has been commissioned by The National Trust, has exhibited at Tate England and teaches at Nottingham Trent University. www.richardjanes.co.uk



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