Sculpture in Bronze: An Introduction

86 TUTOR: Jane Renwick (BA Hons)

Resin metal sculpture is a method of mixing pure metal powders with resin to produce a medium that can be cast or hand applied to create beautiful objects that look, feel and react like solid metal; a process far easier, more versatile and less expensive than hot metal casting.

This course will help you to make a small sculpture in bronze. The sculpture may be an animal, a human figure, bas relief or any other form that is not too complicated! A body cast, e.g. of hands, may be possible.

After creating your sculpture in clay we make a one or two piece mould to cast in resin bronze. The final piece will be polished and patinas may be applied.

This is a fun course with a lot to pack in. We start work on your sculpture straight away so come ready for action!

Note: materials used are inherently smelly and dusty. People sensitive to these conditions should not enrol.

4 PM
PM course

Course Notes

The course programme will be adapted depending on the skills and experience of the students and the projects they have chosen.


Introduction (students, tutor, materials and methods)

Health and safety

Practical: Starting your sculpture. Making the main body of your piece. You may take your sculpture home to work on if it's not too fragile.


Practical: finishing your sculpture and preparing the surface

Demonstration - making moulds and possibly making the first part of a two-piece mould


Making moulds.


Filling the moulds.


Opening the moulds! Finishing, polishing and using patinas on the final piece.

Students will be required to bring

Face mask - minimum requirement, dust mask e.g. 2405 Moldex Mask (about

£4). If you are sensitive to resin smells, choose something like:3M 4251 Respirator (about £26). Both from South West Industrial Plasters (

Protective clothing (e.g. old shirt or apron)

Sensible workshop footwear

An idea of what you would like to make: photos and/or sketches. The tutor will also bring ideas. Remember you only have two half-days for sculpting so don't be too ambitious! Ideally your piece will be solid, with a flat base and without fragile bits that stick out that can be difficult to case.

Sketchbook and pencils

Course Tutor

Jane Renwick

BA Hons

About Jane

Following a life-long passion for art, sculpture and design, Jane graduated with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Sequential Illustration. Since graduating Jane has been busy as a self employed artist, as a member of the Wagon Yard Artists and also working in the decorative metal coating industry, specialising in the artistic application of creative metal finishes. As part of a highly skilled team, Jane works closely with interior designers and architects to create unique finishes and textures for some of the world's finest hotels and private residences.

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