For the Love of Books

83 TUTOR: Lori Sauer

The week is spent making three very modern, versatile and useful books, all of them unique and out of the ordinary. They will be constructed with various types of paper, use little or no glue and are easily reproduced at home with minimal equipment. The uses are as varied as the styles - notebooks, journals and simple albums. We will explore materials and decorative techniques that enhance and personalise each book.

All that is required are good hand skills and lots of imagination.

3 PM
PM course

Course Notes

The aim for the week is to create three different styles of binding. They are simple structures with lots of appeal and impact. They are not the sort of books usually found in shops and two of them have been recently developed by a Spanish binder. They are great fun, attractive and hold many options for students to experiment with and add their own embellishments.

Part of the first day will be spent learning about the various properties of paper and its correct use in hand binding; some time is also spent on becoming familiar with basic tools and equipment. On the final day the week's work is brought together for an informal critique and students will have a chance to see and discuss what has been produced.

All of the books will be blank but the methods, with practice, are easily adapted and applied to printed texts. The skills learned in this course will be applicable to any further bookbinding courses undertaken in the future as the same general principles apply.

There is no specific reading to do beforehand and there is no need to come with any prior knowledge - all will be revealed.

If you have the following, please bring with you: self-healing cutting mat, steel ruler (at least 24), scalpel or craft knife, scissors, pencil, set square.


The names of the books are:

Single section on a rod

Crossed Structure

Fin Book

Course Tutor

Lori Sauer

About Lori

Lori Sauer's educational background is in the fine arts, with an undergraduate degree in painting and an MA in English Literature. Her interest turned to photography before she discovered bookbinding in the late 1980's. She is now a Fellow of Designer Bookbinders and her work is held in collections both in the UK and abroad. She works in all areas of binding including restoration but contemporary design work is her main interest with innovative structures being of particular interest. She teaches in Salisbury and from her home studio in central Wiltshire runs BINDING re: DEFINED You can view her work at

Her home is in Wiltshire.

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