Hand Caning for Chairs: The Seven-Step Method

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Course Notes

I am sure that you have seen this pattern before and, now, you know you can do it yourself. In this workshop based course you will find the knowledge you need to make the Seven Step pattern for a new or antique chair. You will weave a square frame and it will be the perfect example to guide you home when you decide to do it again. We will practice with the cane, we will see how it wants to be woven, and we will understand the movements we have to avoid.


Nowadays the knowledge is everywhere, we can read books or watch YouTube videos but we always find steps and techniques only. Videos on YouTube where processes are finished in a few minutes are not the way to really understand a craft you need to feel; a skill you need to experience. In Marlborough this summer you will have the opportunity to manipulate the cane and a master weaver will teach you how to listen to it. The knowledge of a master weaver becomes essential at this point.


All tools and materials will be supplied, you only have to bring your smile. If you want to bring your own tools from home, a list is attached, but the very few 'special' caning tools will be supplied.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, hand canning is not especially a dirty process but old clothes will make you be more conformable. We will be at the workshop and sandals are not a proper workshop shoe, a shoe that holds your feet in place and covers it will be enough.



We will start with an introduction to the tutor, and to the Seven Step method. We will see and feel the material (the cane) that will be used during the course. We will understand the basic structure of the pattern and how can it be woven in different seat frame forms. And we will start with the step 1 for the first day.


Knots are one of the most important things to learn and steps 2 and 3 will give us the possibility to practice them.


Proper weaving will appear in the step 4 and how to avoid fractures in the cane will become the essential point now.


For today the perfection of the knots and avoiding breakable material will be in mind, but we will introduce the diagonals: how steps 5 & 6 have to be woven.


We will finish with the 6th step and we will get ready to finish the frame with the 7th step, the one that keeps the good looking of the seat.


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