Expressive Sketchbooks

77 TUTOR: Maureen Bond

Using a sketchbook when travelling is an enjoyable way to engage with our surroundings, storing memories and impressions. In this course you will develop the skills to create images in your own personal style. The sketchbooks of contemporary artists such as Kurt Jackson will provide inspiration. With the classroom as our base we will explore the College surroundings and travel out to the ancient and beautiful landscape of Avebury. Suitable for absolute beginners and those who can already draw but would like to try some alternative approaches and find more freedom and expression.

3 PM
PM course

Course Notes

In order to experience different locations we will be doing some walking, carrying our sketch equipment and will be sitting either on the ground or on a triangular collapsible artist's stool.

It is important if you join this course that you are aware of this and will be comfortable doing that. Some of the techniques may be messy and the weather will likely be unpredictable so please wear suitable clothing. Please bring a phone or tablet with an inbuilt camera. This is just as a contingency in case the weather makes it difficult to complete our sketches outside.

Materials - You will be given all the materials and equipment you need and will be able to take home your sketchbook and basic drawing materials. Additional supplies will be available for use during the week on the days when they are useful.

Course Content - This course is based around helping you to become comfortable with your own style of drawing - to express your own personality in your sketchbook. It is suitable for beginners as we will be covering techniques for getting started. We begin with small studies and observations. More experienced artists who feel stuck in a rut or think their work lacks personality should also find the course helpful. The emphasis is on capturing a sense of place and the moment. Fleeting impressions perhaps. Something beyond the camera. It takes a lifetime to draw perfectly so we won't be trying to achieve that here. The pleasure is in creating something personal - and experimenting without expectations.

Course Tutor

Maureen Bond

About Maureen

Maureen paints in a variety of mediums. Her approach is spontaneous, colourful and reactive to the place, the time and the season. Examples of her work can be found at @maureen_bond_art.  She particularly enjoys introducing adults to the joy of art. She believes that in order to produce a piece of work that is truly satisfying it is essential to have an understanding of the materials - the brushes, the type of paint and the paper and the way they work together. And then with that understanding to apply the techniques learned in a way that truly expresses the individual.

Her approach as a tutor is gentle, encouraging, playful and at times unconventional.


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