Dabbling with Wood

75 TUTOR: Petina Simner

Discover the satisfaction of working with wood and a number of other materials in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. There will be opportunities to design and then use a range of machines, tools and techniques to create a variety of items, such as a small footstool, a jigsaw puzzle, a jewellery box and a candle holder. Aimed at beginners, you will be supported by demonstrations, step by step instructions alongside one-to-one assistance and encouraged to work at your own pace to produce well-finished items. Come and try. No previous experience is required.

Course Notes

It is anticipated that you will complete the project to the best of your ability and produce a well finished item - this may take a short amount of time or as long as you wish. Selecting from a range of projects will allow you to work at your own pace with no concerns that you are holding others up. It is important that you have fun and have the satisfaction of making something that you can feel proud of.

Each project will have a guide as to how many hours it is likely to take to complete, allowing you to decide whether you wish to make a number of small items or a large one and if time allows a smaller one. There will also be written guides on how to make the project giving practice in following 'technical' instructions. This will provide you with a reference resource for later use.

Potential Projects

After a health and safety briefing and guide to using equipment available you will be encourage to select (or develop) a project from the wide range available.

  • A simple upholstered footstool
  • A wooden Jewellery Box with veneer, resin or pewter inlay
  • A scroll saw puzzle
  • An indoor/outdoor candle holder and candle
  • Pen turned on wood lathe

There will be an opportunity to explore the range of hobby wood working tools and equipment on the market and discuss what would be needed to get started at home.

What you need

For safety reasons please avoid wearing loose fitting clothes (getting caught in a fast spinning machine can really ruin your day) and wear sensible shoes (no sandals - as you can imagine crushed toes can really hurt).

If you would like to make a footstool and have a suitable piece of fabric - bring it along

Please bring a willingness to;

  • Have a go
  • Have fun and
  • Try something different

Course Tutor

Petina Simner

Petina Simner

About Petina

Petina is a member of staff in the college's Design and Technology Department. She loves working with wood and as a passionate wood turner she is aware of the relaxing and therapeutic nature of having an absorbing hobby. She is keen to enable others to have a dabble at something that could develop into a hobby. Her method of teaching is gentle encouragement in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. She aims to bring out the individuals creativity through informal instruction.


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