Enjoy the Potter's Wheel

63 TUTOR: Mary Thorne

This course is for anyone with a keen interest in learning or improving their skills on the potter's wheel. You will learn how to throw, make, turn and finish pots using the wheel. The tutor will guide you through making various forms and teach you new techniques and short cuts in a fun and relaxing environment. You will have use of your own potter's wheel for the duration of the course. All materials are included and you will be able to take your finished fired and unfired items home.

4 AM
AM course

Course Notes

Day 1 Monday

Throwing demonstration and an intro to clay

Students will learn and practice to throw cylinders and bowls

Day 2 Tuesday

Finishing and refining the previous day's pots

Opportunity to add handles, spouts and feet

Items from day 1 and 2 could be fired in time to be glazed

Day 3 Wednesday

More time to practice throwing and making more pots

Students are welcome to take these pots home unfired or I can fire them and they can be collected at a later date. (I will keep work for a year maximum)

Day 4 Thursday

Glazing what was produced on day 1 and 2

Extra items will be provided to glaze if time permits

Day 5 Friday

More time to practice skills on the wheel

The kiln will be unpacked on this day and students may take their finished work home

Students will be taught to control the clay on the potter's wheel. It takes some concentration, dexterity and practice to create forms on the wheel and students must be keen to learn and be able to manipulate clay using their hands and arms. It is more skill and technique than strength, but anyone with serious arthritis or lack of strength might find this course a challenge. We have one sit-down wheel and 5 standing wheels. A stool could be used at the standing wheels.

It is important that you have good use of your hands and fingers. Short fingernails are advisable.

Course Tutor

Mary Thorne

About Mary

Mary is an experienced potter and ceramicist. She first started working with clay whilst studying for her teaching degree and soon became addicted.

She has worked as a studio potter and is a member of Wagon Yard Artists in Marlborough.

Mary is an experienced teacher and enjoys running pottery workshops throughout the year.  She specialises in thrown work influenced by the local Wiltshire landscape. To view her work, visit her website 


Facebook: Mary Thorne Ceramics
Instagram: marythorne_ceramics

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