Colour, Light and the Landscape: Painting in Acrylics

612 TUTOR: Stuart Roper (Dip Art and Design)

If you have enjoyed some landscape painting and are looking to develop your unique style, this course is designed for you. David Hockney is always telling us to look for the colours in nature, but sometimes it's hard to see past the greens and browns of the English countryside. You will be looking at how artists have shown the brilliant colours of nature through Turner, the Impressionists and the Fauves and what you can learn from them. From an image you have taken yourself, you will create a painting incorporating the discussion from the beginning of the session. However, the emphasis will be on exaggerating the colours and placing unexpected hues next to one another to create a vibrant and exciting piece. The tutor will also discuss how he achieves the colours and effects in his own work, examples of which will be brought into the studio for in-depth analysis.

Course Notes



Looking at how different artists use colour when painting landscapes

Create a piece using Turners colours


Using an impressionist palette look at how you can incorporate their approach to colour and light and their way of apply colour to the canvas


Looking at lighting effects in landscape - shadows, highlights and chiaroscuro.


Create a fauvist painting based on an image the Student has brought in.


Take an image you might have painted before and using the techniques explored during the course and rework it in a more colourful way.

Reference books will be on hand to show examples of techniques discussed, in addition Stuart will bring along some of his own work to discuss his techniques.

Stuart will demonstrate techniques during each session and work one to one when required.

The above are outlines of the courses. However, if students have particular ideas or techniques they wish to study I will be happy to adapt the session to include these.

Course Tutor

Stuart Roper

Stuart Roper

Dip Art and Design

About Stuart

Born in England and brought up in Scotland, Stuart studied design and illustration in Aberdeen, he is now based in the Welsh Marches. He works in a variety of media including watercolour, gouache, acrylics and oils.

His paintings show the influence of the Scottish Colourists, yet he has a deep affinity with the English landscape. Since moving to the Welsh Marches in early 2018 his new work reflects his response to the beauty of the Welsh countryside.

With work exhibited in a number of galleries throughout the UK and with paintings in many private collections, he has a growing reputation that has attracted the attention of fine art buyers across the globe. Magdalen College, Oxford have purchased two pieces of his work for the their extensive collection of artwork.

Stuart is a regular tutor at the White horse bookshop in Marlborough and is often engaged to run workshops and to give demonstrations at art societies across England and Wales.

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