Travel Sketching Your Journey

44,600 TUTOR: Erin Hill

The key to the tutor's method of travel sketching is to simplify what one sees through observation. During this course, she will teach you exactly how to do this and you will soon be sketching whatever is around you. The joy of these sketches are that they are purely for yourself and your own pleasure, to make a moment in time unforgettable by recording it in your sketch journal. This process is enjoyable, meditative, relaxing and rewarding. Moreover, anybody can do it; from the new sketcher to the experienced artist. All materials will be provided.

Course Notes

Monday. Simplifying sketching and colour.

Get to know our sketch kit, aquarelle pencils and watercolours.

Begin to look at our subjects as shapes. Explanations given as we do this.

Plan our page and begin to put the big shapes in your sketchbook.

Make colour swatches using aquarelle pencil and the eight main colours we use.

Plein Air sketch in the college grounds of trees, foliage and background.

Make colour swatches with our watercolours.

Apply colour as demonstrated by Erin

Tuesday. Getting loose with Colour.

First sketches of the morning in the Studio using skills we've learned so far.

Demo with Erin as we go.

Use both mediums on a sketch and see the differences and similarities.

Plein air facing a building, or what I call 'Flat Perspective' and a simple streetscape.

Apply colour either on location or back in Studio.

Wednesday. Landscapes & Composition

Morning sketches to establish foreground and background and where is our focus.

On location we will try a direct watercolour sketch of a landscape and into the distance.

Thursday. Putting people in your sketches

We'll start the day with face and head proportions and learning the way bodies move.

Plein Air and sketch a cafe scene or similar and get people in a variety of poses. Loose Colour will bring it together.

Friday. Vignettes and the Sketch Journal

This morning we'll sketch any of the interesting doorways, windows archways etc which we think represents Marlborough to us. What is typical here but not elsewhere?

We'll concentrate on adding some headings to some of our sketches and making notes to complete the stories.

There will be some easy typefaces for you to refer to.

We can select our favourite pages to show at the afternoon student show.

You'll be on your journey now.

Course Tutor

Erin Hill

Erin Hill

About Erin

Erin is an internationally followed Travel Sketch tutor, renown for her ability to take sketchers from their early moments with a sketchbook and pen to pride and astonishment at the results they achieve.

The trick is her ability to break down into deceptively simple steps the way the eye works with the hand to produce a sketch image. Experienced and new sketchers alike credit her with improving their way of seeing and the techniques they use to create a sketch.

She uses a unique and vibrant palette and employs special application techniques which result in sparkling bright images. Mixed with her letting go approach to image making Erin's cheerful, positive approach to teaching helps those just starting out on the sketching journey find their own creative style - and established sketchers gain new insights into their art.

She and her qualified tutors have taught hundreds of sketchers around the world at Erin Hill workshops in France, Spain, Italy, UK, North Africa, the United States and Carribean and Asia-Pacific. She has many friends in the Urban Sketchers movement, running sold out workshops in NY and London and in 2018 was invited to run a workshop for specialist tutors at the prestigious New York College of the Visual Arts.

She is a widely experienced artist, working in many graphic forms, has won many awards and her work is held in collections in the US, Europe and Australasia.

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