An Introduction to the Centuries-Old Art of Marbling

51 TUTOR: Janey Whitehorn

Come and learn the centuries-old art of marbling. This fantastic introductory course is for anyone who likes to get lost in colour and design. Marbling is an ancient technique where inks float on the surface of a liquid and then manipulated to create intricate designs. The course will take you through the history of marbling and give you an introduction to the tools and the various designs.

You will learn on your own marbling tray how to create these beautiful patterns, starting on paper producing a collection of cards and culminating in designing and dyeing your own silk scarf.

2 PM
PM course

Course Notes


A brief history outline to the centuries-old craft, showing samples of the intricate and mesmerising designs. An introduction to the equipment with demonstrations and discussions of any pitfalls that might arise. Using your own tray, you will learn how to use the marbling inks with a variety of tools such as: rakes, brushes, pipettes and combs and start producing small paper samples.


Recap from the day before, give a demonstration of further designs and go through any questions that have arisen.

Think of the scale and begin to marble larger paper pieces.

Dye between 2-3 larger paper samples with different designs.



Recap and give a demonstration if needed.

Finish the larger paper samples. (max of 5 in total)

Finalise colours and design for silk scarf.

Mix up dyes for scarf.

Prepare silk for dyeing the next day.



Small practice silk sample in colours and design of scarf.

Dye scarves.

Finish dyeing paper samples.

Begin to cut up paper samples to make into cards.



Iron and fast your silk scarf.

Finish your collection of cards.


Marbling is renowned for its meditative qualities and has been proven to lower stress levels!

Absolutely no knowledge of marbling is needed and this course is suitable for all ages and abilities.


Equipment needed:


Thin rubber gloves

Approx 3 x empty and clean small jam jars, if possible, for mixing your unique colours.

Please wear old clothes!





Course Tutor

Janey Whitehorn

About Janey

Janey Whitehorn is an award-winning textile designer, specialising in the ancient technique of hand marbling onto silk and paper since 2007. She creates bespoke collections for interior designers, private clients and retail outlets such as Liberty's and Harrods. Her work has also been sold in museum shops in London, such as: V&A, Royal Academy of Arts, National Maritime Museum and the Ashmolean, Oxford.

Recently her work has been featured in the 2023 blockbuster movie 'Barbie', starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie.

During the Covid epidemic she trained as a teacher and worked for two years as a textiles and art teacher at Bedford Girls' School.

Instagram: whitehornmarblingstudio

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