Glass and Wire Sculpture

47 TUTOR: Alison Bowyer

This course is a week of two halves. During the first part of the week, you will create glass fish and birds while in the latter half, you will be shown how to add a third dimension using wire modelling techniques. You will receive pre-cut clear glass shapes, which you will bring to life through careful application of finely ground coloured glass, known as glass frits, to their lightly glued surface. These will be fired in a kiln before you finish them with wire feet, wings or fins. This course does not require experience of kiln formed glass as there is no glass cutting involved, but you do need a steady hand. You should return home with at least two finished pieces

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Course Notes


This course is aimed at everyone, with or without glass work experience. There will not be any cutting of glass as you will be provided with the basic shapes. The pieces you make will be suitable for displaying in your home or in the garden.

Clothing and Tools etc:

You do not need to bring any tools, all are provided. An apron is a good idea but not essential as it's not a messy process. It is suggested you do not wear flappy sleeved clothing - working with frit is a bit like working with demerara sugar or coarse sand and it would be deeply frustrating to drag a sleeve across you carefully made creation.

When cutting glass it is an occupational hazard that I cut myself regularly. As you are not cutting glass this is very unlikely to happen. However, Frit is tiny chunks of glass and does have sharp sides so there is the smallest chance to pierce your hands or fingers on it if you don't follow my instructions on careful handling.

You really do need a steady hand - anyone with any form of tremor will struggle to get a good result with frit.


Introduction to your tutor and an overview of what we plan to achieve in the week

A short tutorial on the techniques you will need to use to achieve a good result applying frit to plain glass, including demonstrations

Start, and hopefully complete your first frit project


See your Monday creations for the first time, fresh from the kiln (It takes about 24 hours to fire glass so this isn't guaranteed) Pieces often come out of the kiln with some small bumps and sometimes sharp burs on the edge. You will need to rub them down with specialist diamond pads to finish them, ready for wiring. Work with frit to create a further 1 or 2 projects.


Review Tuesday's work, also fresh from the kiln.

Complete your third project.

Short tutorial on the use of wire and a chance to play with it, to see what it does and how it handles. Follow a step by step guide to creating feet, wings or fins to add to your glass sculptures and bring them to life. We will all be working on the same projects together.

Possibly start wiring your earlier creations to finish them.



Receive back your Wednesday creations and finish them ready for wiring.

Continue wiring and finishing your earlier work



Complete all wiring and finish your art pieces ready for displaying.



Course Tutor

Alison Bowyer

About Alison

Alison has been working with glass for over 25 years but developed her unique style of kiln formed glass combined with wire about 10 years ago. Working in her studio in Marlborough she uses frit which is ground, coloured glass in a painterly way to bring her creations to life. She then finishes them with wire to provide a sense of movement and a third dimension.

As a scuba diver, a walker and wildlife watcher she is inspired by 'life'. The variety of colours and shapes in nature provide a never ending source of enjoyment and she works in both 3D and 2/3D, creating standalone sculptures, wall hung art pieces and garden features which are exhibited and sold around the country.

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