BORO Inspired Visible Mending

42 TUTOR: Christine Green

Boro is not a technique, rather a description of fabrics that have been mended multiple times. The word 'boro' means ragged or tattered. It was practised in Japan to prolong the life of domestic textiles and chimes perfectly with today's emphasis on repairing clothes. Christine has developed a style of visible mending inspired by boro. Using a mix of hand stitching and machine stitching and very few rules, students will learn how to place patches, how to make a feature of the stitching and how rewarding mending can be. Boro celebrates the wear and tear that your clothes can acquire, and adds character and unique design features. It's rather addictive and what might start as fixing torn knees could end up with total coverage!

2 AM
AM course

Course Notes

Your tutor will demonstrate how to get started, placing the fabrics, pinning and the sort of threads to use.

Students are encouraged to bring in a pair of jeans or trousers or jacket of a non-stretchy fabric

(eg: chinos, jeans, NOT flimsy, light weight linen, cotton, viscose or crepe) to work on. They could usethe patches to embellish the garment rather than repair it. Please note that with the garment option there will be no machine stitching.

If students would prefer to create a panel that could be made into an item (eg: bag, book jacket, glasses/phone case) all fabrics will be provided but they willneed to bring in a sewing machine.

Students might want to bring a thimble if they usually use for sewing.

Course Tutor

Christine Green

Christine Green

About Christine

I am passionate about art and design across many disciplines and I enjoy sharing this passion with my students. I take a holistic approach to art and craft, often mixing and matching disciplines and styles. I trained as a graphic designer and worked for the BBC creating opening title sequences. I gained my PGCE at Goldsmiths and I now run numerous courses teaching various styles of patchworking and paper cutting. I also give inspirational talks and demonstrations. I take a relaxed approach to my crafts and encourage my students to do the same whilst developing their techniques and style, and providing them with individual support as they grow in confidence.

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