Calligraphy: Learn, Improve, Explore

38 TUTOR: Gwyneth Hibbett

Using pen and ink to create beautiful writing is a pleasurable skill. This course is for complete beginners and those with some calligraphy experience. Starting with the basics you will learn or improve a calligraphic script of your choice and progress to using colour and design to develop your own projects. Try a new script, play with decorative techniques and develop ideas to show off your writing. The tutor is CLAS accredited and teaches calligraphy in classes and workshops around the country. She is enthusiastic about her love of lettering, and aims to pass this on to others.

2 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes


Structure for the Course (Improvers will make choices about what they wish to cover during the week, and then be guided by the tutor to take appropriate steps in learning what is necessary to achieve their aims.)


Introductions then discuss course content and personal preferences.


  • Introduction to a range of suitable scripts and then using an edged tool or pointed nib. Preferred script letterforms
  • Ruling up and lower case using ink


  • Discuss / agree focus of projects and set these in motion
  • Identification of individual requirements
  • Demonstration of requested scripts



  • Different sized lettering
  • Chosen script capitals - skeleton forms
  • Spacing guidelines


  • Refining and developing personal versions of chosen scripts
  • Demonstrations and practical work on requested applied processes, eg: embossing, decorative techniques etc.



  • Capitals in ink
  • Use of colour mediums


  • Further demonstrations and practical on requested decorative techniques, eg: various backgrounds, 'dressed letters' etc.
  • Layout - designing to enhance your lettering



  • Paste-up layouts
  • Developing individual projects


  • Experimentation with design & applied techniques
  • Project development



·Possible backgrounds or decorative initial letters

·Completion of projects

·Overview of the development of other scripts for progression after summer school


·Continuation and completion of projects

Materials & Equipment

The following is a list of what you will need to bring (approx. £20-£30). The tutor will have some specialist items to buy or try at summer school but not everything that is required. Please contact her for details of stockists or to chat through any queries if you are in any doubt about what to get.


  • A3 size pad of cartridge paper (not a 'sketch' pad - the paper needs to be suitable for pen & ink, which is sometimes denoted by a pen nib or bottle of ink on the cover)
  • If you prefer, an A3 pad of layout paper may be more cost effective for lettering practice as it has more sheets per pad. Again, look for one with a pen nib or ink bottle on the front (brands like Daler Rowney or Windsor & Newton are good)
  • Non-waterproof black ink (for example Quink, Pelikan 4001, Higgins Eternal or other inks suitable for fountainpens) not Indian ink
  • ***1 or 2 Pen holder/s to take individual nibs
  • ***3 x Square-cut nibs: William Mitchell sizes 1, 2 & 3 or Brause sizes 3mm, 2mm & 1mm (if you are left-handed you will need 'left oblique' nibs)
  • A 2H pencil
  • Ruler, 30cm or longer
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Kitchen roll or old rag
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pot suitable for water
  • Palette or old saucer for mixing colour
  • Cheap brush (No. 2 - 4) for mixing colour


If you have some words/text that you would particularly like to try writing out calligraphically, please bring them along


Improvers should bring along their usual calligraphic equipment together with any of the following that you happen to have.Don't buy these especially as they will be available for use during the week:


  • Metal or metal-edged ruler
  • Craft or Stanley knife
  • Cutting mat or the back of a pad to cut on
  • Watercolour or gouache paints
  • Card } any sheets or scraps
  • Watercolour paper } of these
  • Any of your favourite papers, either to write on or decorative ones for covers/boxes, etc.

There will be a range of other specialist materials and equipment for your use, at a small cost.


Inks and paints can be messy, so please either bring an apron/over-shirt or wear appropriate clothing, and if you find hard chairs uncomfortable, bring a cushion.





To make sure we all get the most out of the course, please complete the following:


Have you attended any calligraphy workshops, courses or summer schools before?

YES / NO If 'no', is there anything in particular you would like to achieve?




If 'yes', which of the scripts listed below have you covered in the past - please tick or write which you have tried:


Foundation Uncial


Carolingian Gothic


Italic Pointed pen/Modern



Which script would you like to either learn or develop/refine/personalise?




There are many applications for calligraphy, and we can't cover them all, but which two of the following would you be most interested in - please tick:


Decorated initials & borders Embossing & rubber stamps

Small books

Colour & using multi-media. Designing greetings cards


Is there anything else you'd like to accomplish during the week?



(Optional information) - Please let me know of any conditions that you feel I should be aware of to make sure you enjoy the course properly (eg: sight or hearing impairment or mobility problems, etc.)



Thank you for completing this - I look forward to meeting you.


Please return to: Gwyneth Hibbett via


Course Tutor

Gwyneth Hibbett

Gwyneth Hibbett

About Gwyneth

Gwyneth Hibbett is a London based calligrapher and illustrator. She teaches calligraphy in one-to-one lessons, group sessions, adult education classes, schools and workshops. Gwyneth holds the National Diploma in Calligraphy from the Calligraphy & Lettering Arts Society, has also been awarded their Teaching Calligraphy Certificate of Skills, and is recognised as an Accredited Tutor (

She enjoys creating hand-lettered artwork, particularly family trees. Her work illustrating and writing the poetry of others has been exhibited at various venues and conventions nationwide.She regularly undertakes calligraphy work for projects such as Books of Remembrance, certificates etc.

Gwyneth is in the final year of the Advanced Training Scheme run by the Society of Scribes and Illuminators and she is currently a member of the South London Lettering Association.

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