Mixing It Up: The Art of Experimental Mixed Media

34 TUTOR: Jacky Purtill

Why not come and immerse yourself in this amazing and unique mixed media course. This course is for anyone with a passion for mixed media and the creative arts. Each day you will fully explore a variety of mixed media materials and techniques including experiential mark making, sgraffito, grattage, collage, stencilling, stamping, painting, and drawing. You will work on different surfaces and substrates to create unique and original artwork. You will keep a creative journal of documenting your creative explorations. Subjects explored include natural, pattern, colour texture and shape.

2 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes

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Course Tutor

Jacky Purtill

Jacky Purtill

About Jacky

I am an arts practitioner with over 30 years as a practicing freelance artist, craftsperson and educator. During my long career, I have been involved in a number of exhibitions, events, client based briefs, teaching and learning activities. I continue to develop my own artwork and to teach others how to create innovative and engaging artwork through painting and mixed media. Having originally trained as a jeweller and silversmith in my early career, I progressed into education and now work as freelance mixed media artist and educator. Painting and mixed media have become a great passion of mine. I love to explore natural forms, abstraction, surface texture and colour within my artwork and to experiment with different techniques to achieve the outcomes I want and love to create. My artworks are an expression of my imagination and creativity. I am someone who loves to explore new ways of working and in sharing my creativity and work with others. If you buy a piece of my artwork you will be buying into my passion, creative process and something that I have invested my heart and soul into. Put simply my art is me. I also love to develop other aspects of my work in particular private commissions, public artwork; interior and exterior murals, sculptures, outdoor planters and flags. For companies, schools, charitable organisations and local councils. If you like my work, I can be contacted below on:


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