Architectural Sketchbook

3 TUTOR: Colin Palmer

This course is designed to inspire people who enjoy sketching, painting buildings and architectural features. You will learn the secrets of sketching and drawing buildings in a loose and animated style. There will be classroom exercises before venturing outside.Teaching will include the importance of shadows to give depth, the theory of perspective, how to simplify complex buildings and so much more. You will draw and paint outdoors in the College grounds with its wealth of beautiful and varied architectural detail, in Marlborough High Street with it's many varied shop fronts and we will also take a few short journeys further afield by the college bus.


1 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes


This course is intended for those who wish to learn how to sketch and paint buildings and architectural details. A sketchbook is a vital tool for any artist. Recording and developing ideas is one of its important uses. It enables to quickly sketch, paint and then perfect at a later stage. It is also the perfect place to practice and refine drawing and painting skills with experimentation in different techniques. You may record memories of places visited with comments jotted down alongside.

Exercises will be set during the week to be carried out either in the classroom, Marlborough High Street, around the College grounds and hopefully a couple of short trips in the bus to a nearby village or to The Green in Marlborough.

At the end of the week you will have a sketchbook of which you will be proud. Topics to be covered during the week include how to use minimum materials, composition, drawing techniques, perspective, trees, the importance of shadows, the secrets of drawing cars and people. Time will be spent looking at buildings and breaking down their structures into simple geometric shapes, so making them much easier to draw.

The tutor will readily pass on many tips and tricks to make your paintings stand out from the crowd! Colin will demonstrate techniques throughout the week, working closely with you to enable you to develop your skills. All essential materials including a personal sketchbook will be provided. If you have a comfortable chair to take outside please bring this with you as the college ones can be a little uncomfortable!

Please contact me through the Summer School office should you need any advice in advance of your week's course.


Course Tutor

Colin Palmer

About Colin

Colin Palmer is a professional artist and watercolour teacher who works from his
studio in central Marlborough. He has built a reputation as a teacher who is able to
produce astounding results from his students.
He produces artist's impressions of new house builds for architects, property
developers and designers and sells original paintings and fine art limited edition
prints in galleries and shops in addition to directly from his studio. Colin runs
regular workshops throughout the year, demonstrates to art societies and teaches
around the South West of England. He has produced over 100 house portraits
during his career as a watercolour artist.
More information and to view his work please visit his website:

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