Chinese Brush Painting

89 TUTOR: Yuet Yean Teo

This workshop is carefully crafted to introduce participants to the world of traditional and contemporary Chinese ink paintings, also known as Chinese Watercolour. Focused on Chinese ink painting approaches, techniques, and materials, it offers a unique opportunity to delve into this highly expressive and poetic art form. Participants will learn how to capture the essence of their subjects. The tutor will guide participants on material selection and preparation, providing step-by-step instructions on painting techniques. Under the tutor's supervision, participants will have the chance to create their own works of art.

4 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes

Day One: Introduction and Brush Techniques and Introduction to Chinese Ink Painting Overview of course objectives and structure

Introduction to Chinese Brush Painting as an Art Form

Tools and Materials "Four Treasures of the Study": Ink Stick, Ink Stone, Brush, and Rice Paper Traditional Tools and Materials Used in Chinese Brush Painting

Brush Techniques

Holding and Controlling the Brush

Basic Brushstrokes: Thick, Thin, and Combination Strokes 

Ink and Watercolor Techniques

Understanding Different Types of Ink

Mixing and Diluting Ink for Various Effects

Introduction to Watercolor Techniques in Chinese Brush Painting 

Symbolism and Meaning

Incorporating Symbolism and Meaning into Artwork

Painting Theme: Peony and Bee or Butterfly

Demonstration of the theme

One-on-one support to get started Completion of the painting with step-by-step guidance 

Day Two: Lotus with Dragonfly and Kingfisher

Review and Demonstration

Brief recap of Day One Introduction to the theme of the day

Practice Calligraphy

Guided practice in writing participant names in Chinese characters

Emphasis on brush control and ink flow

Painting Theme: Lotus with Dragonfly and Kingfisher

Demonstration of the theme

Step-by-step guidance for a small and larger-scale piece

Day Three: Wisteria with Sparrow or Black Snapper Oriel

Review and Demonstration

Recap of previous lessons

Introduction to the importance of composition in Chinese brush painting

Painting Theme: Wisteria with Sparrow and Black Snapper Oriel

Demonstration of the subject

Guidance on composition and balance in the artwork 

Day Four: Iris and Bee (Silk Painting)

Review and Demonstration

Recap of key techniques

Introduction to silk painting

Painting Theme: Iris and Bee

First half: Demonstration on Xuan paper

Second half: Application of learned techniques on silk 

Day Five: Chinese Hibiscus and Bee

Review and Demonstration

Brief recap of silk painting Introduction to the theme of the day

Painting Theme: Chinese Hibiscus and Bee

Demonstration of the theme

Participant choice: Painting on paper or silk for the final piece

Conclusion and Final Tips 

Review of Key Concepts

Recap of essential techniques and themes

Q&A session and discussion 

Protecting Artwork for Transport Guidelines for participants to bring along protective materials for their paintings (tube, hard cardboard, or folder) 

Note: Each day includes a mix of instruction, demonstration, and hands-on painting, providing participants with a well-rounded experience in Chinese brush painting. 

The tutor will offer continuous guidance and support throughout the course.

Course Tutor

Yuet Yean Teo

About Yuet Yean

Yuet Yean Teo holds a diploma from Nangyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore, a degree from Camberwell College of Art in London, and a Master's degree from Buckingham New University. Her specialisation encompasses Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Oil Painting, and Printmaking.

Yean is an experienced lecturer and demonstrator in the realms of Chinese ink painting and calligraphy, having conducted sessions for both small and large groups. Her expertise has been shared in prestigious venues such as the Royal Academy of Art in London, HSBC in the UK, the Garden Museum in London, Rosetta Art Centre and Westfield and Selfridges in London.

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