Watercolour for the Positively Terrified

10-12 TUTOR: Susanna Bailey

This course is suitable for beginners and for those who feel that they have not had a good enough grounding in the very basics of painting with watercolours. Easy landscape, simple still life, colour mixing workshops and composition are all bound into proving that this deceptively tricky medium can be conquered. Most of all, you will have fun. It is designed to help you really understand the medium, the paints and the making of colour. Every aspect is carefully demonstrated and you will be able to return home feeling that you have achieved something really rather special. All materials will be provided.


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Course Notes



There is an introduction to Watercolour Painting, followed by a demonstration of a simple landscape painted in a limited number of colours. Close one to one supervision is given to each individual so that the student feels confident with their efforts. All the materials that you will use are provided, so there is nothing to worry about!


This morning will be spent painting trees, each and every one demonstrated by Susanna, so that they become understandable and fun.


This is a chance to experiment with painting weather. Clouds, blue skies, and sunsets are on the menu with reference to Turner, Constable and Edward Seago.


A great morning ahead as we use textures in the watercolour process. We will paint the sea, and reflections.


You will be able to paint a beautiful watercolour by now and with one to one assistance will paint something you have always wished you could do but thought you couldn't.

The point of this course is to remove all the fear of painting through a sequence of workshops which develop your understanding of mixing colour, sorting out the compositions, and understanding your materials. With these carefully explained you will feel secure in your own picture making and more importantly you will have had fun!


Course Tutor

Susanna Bailey

Susanna Bailey

About Susanna

Susanna Bailey has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally since leaving Art School. She has also taught Painting and Fine Art at University level and privately. She has been commissioned to teach ageing American film stars 'on the lot', and travels far and wide tutoring individuals, and small groups of artists. She places great emphasis on the careful use of colour.

Susanna is known for her ability to inspire beginners with a love for Watercolour, to take those who have some experience on to more spontaneous levels of expression, and to insure that all who participate in her courses have fun.


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