Introduction to Art: Finding your Style

1 TUTOR: Maureen Bond

This course is designed to help you identify your personal artistic style. Once you discover your signature style, your work will flow with a natural rhythm and you will be at ease with the process. As a creative are you instinctively precise or exuberant? Do you prefer to use flowing water-based paint or dry charcoal and graphite? You will begin with drawing and progress into colour. Your tutor will explain the processes and techniques as you go, in order to build up your skill base. However, the focus will mainly be on experimentation and finding the freedom to be authentically expressive.

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Course Notes

The course is primarily designed for beginner artists although artists with some degree of experience are very welcome. However no prior knowledge will be assumed and everything we cover will begin with the basics in order to provide a sound basis for future development.

The week begins with drawing. The intention is to find a way of drawing that you will be happy to take away with you and develop. We won't be studiously examining the rules but we will be considering different approaches and materials. Many aspiring artists are deterred because they believe they cannot draw properly. We hope to overcome that! You will be experimenting with a variety of drawing materials and looking at the way that other artists work.

We then move into colour and you will be learning about colour mixing, finding ways to get the best results from your paints and producing beautiful shades from a basic palette. We develop this into simple colour studies and finally you will be ready for some painting! The intention is to produce individual artwork which expresses your personal style. It's probably fair to say that for a beginner this is unlikely to be a piece of outstanding artwork but it should most definitely be something you are proud of and which will lead you enthusiastically on to the next step in your path as an artist.

All materials are provided. Just bring an apron, an open mind and prepare to experiment.


Course Tutor

Maureen Bond

Maureen Bond

About Maureen

Maureen paints in a variety of mediums. Her approach is spontaneous, colourful and reactive to the place, the time and the season. Examples of her work can be found at @maureen_bond_art.  She particularly enjoys introducing adults to the joy of art. She believes that in order to produce a piece of work that is truly satisfying it is essential to have an understanding of the materials - the brushes, the type of paint and the paper and the way they work together. And then with that understanding to apply the techniques learned in a way that truly expresses the individual.

Her approach as a tutor is gentle, encouraging, playful and at times unconventional.

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