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Anderson's Images of Tierra del Fuego

Hello there.

2017 will be my third year as tutor and guest lecturer at Marlborough College Summer School. I am a Wirral based educator, architect, photographer and adventurer. Over the years I have been fortunate to travel to 55+ countries and territories around the world. I tend to visit unique, remote places such as the Antarctic, the North Pole, Galapagos, Tierra del Fuego, the Falklands and South Georgia. My images have featured on many websites and been published in lifestyle and travel magazines.

My talks and courses are based around my knowledge, experience and images I have taken of these places, looking at history, geography, wildlife and climate change themes. I try to ensure my presentations are full of interesting facts, colourful and interactive. I lecture and run courses across the UK visiting schools, universities and adult residential colleges. I enjoy presenting to audiences of all ages. You can find a lot more information about my work on my website at

I am down at MCSS 2017 during week 4, running a Photography Course, An Eye For A Picture and giving the guest lecture on Wednesday, 2nd August. I look forward to my visit and would be delighted if you could join me at my illustrated talk entitled 'Tierra del Fuego - Land of Fire'.

Brian Anderson



Tierra del Fuego - The Land of Fire

Wednesday 2nd August 2017, 5.15pm

Ellis Theatre, Marlborough College Summer School


In 1519 Magellan became the first European to navigate a wild and remote channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Sailing in search of a westward route to the Spice Islands, Magellan sighted many fires along the coastline. His sailors christened this uncharted area 'Tierra del Fuego' or 'the Land of Fire'. Sailing the same waters in 1577, Sir Francis Drake described this southern tip of South America as 'the uttermost part of the earth'. Charles Darwin visited the region in 1832 and 1833 and described the Fuegian tribes as the 'most uncivilised savages' he had ever encountered.

Join Brian for the incredible story of Tierra Del Fuego and view his stunning landscape and wildlife images from four expeditions to the region. You will see the fuegian red fox, penguins, sea lions, magnificent caracaras, skuas and shags, plus many other animals and plants which survive in this most remote and inhospitable region of the southern hemisphere.

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