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8th July - 4th August 2018

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Adult Courses 2017

Sponsored by Aardvark Safaris If you would like to take up a new hobby, learn a language, broaden your cultural horizons or improve your sporting skills, you need look no further than Summer School. We have plenty of old favourites and many new courses for 2017.

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An Introduction to Stick Making

An Introduction to Stick Making

COURSE No. 70,71

TUTOR: Brian Waters

This course is designed to enable you to enter the world of craftsmanship and a history going back thousands of years. It becomes a very personal journey to create that perfect stick, be it a special show stick or just an everyday working stick. The materials used can be as diverse as the numerous types of sticks. We will be making...

Wiltshire Walks

Wiltshire Walks

COURSE No. 119-122

TUTOR: Sean Dempster

During the week, you will enjoy five different walks across the beautiful Wiltshire countryside around Marlborough. From the chalk grassland of the highest parts of the Wiltshire Downs to the lush valley of the River Kennet and through the ancient oak forest of Savernake, the scenery is varied and stunning. Along the way, we will pass a number of ancient sites and...

Walking Wansdyke

Walking Wansdyke

COURSE No. 124

TUTOR: Adrian Woodford

In the largely undocumented days between the departure of the Romans and the settlement of England by Saxons, Angles and Jutes, a dyke, with its ditch facing north, was constructed across the Wiltshire Downs. Long stretches of the eastern bank of this wall, named by the Saxons 'Woden's Dyke' or 'Wansdyke' survive, running across the open expanses of the Marlborough Downs.During the...

Glorious Gardens

Glorious Gardens

COURSE No. 127

TUTOR: Patricia Rowell

Some of the finest gardens in the country can be found in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire. With Patricia, you will be visiting a selection of these Glorious Gardens, some open to the public, others private and little known, but all with wonderful design and planting. On the way, you will drive through the beautiful countryside of the Marlborough Downs, the Vale of Pewsey...

English as a Foreign Language

English as a Foreign Language

COURSE No. 311-314

TUTOR: Emma Ross

Would you like to have fun and meet people from all over the world while improving your English' Marlborough College provides an idyllic, picturesque environment for brushing up your English this summer. The EFL courses are delivered by a team of experienced, highly qualified English Language teachers. The General English Programme is perfect for combining with the many exciting activities on offer...

Destination Italy

Destination Italy

COURSE No. 315

TUTOR: Alessandra Murgia

Come on board and discover the beauty of the Italian language and some aspects of Italy's rich culture. This course is designed for complete beginners and those with some experience of the language. Each day, you cover a different topic with related vocabulary and simple grammatical structures. Emphasis is put on conversation in Italian, the discovery of some aspects of the...

French for Beginners

French for Beginners

COURSE No. 316

TUTOR: Saleha Pinhorn

This course is ideal for those with no knowledge of the French language, it is also ideal for holidaymakers who would like to learn a little French ahead of a trip to France or for enjoyment only. Sessions will be relaxed and enjoyable, learning vocabulary including typical French expressions through visual and audio materials. The emphasis will be on diverse activity based...

Successful Spanish for Beginners

Successful Spanish for Beginners

COURSE No. 317

TUTOR: Mercedes Caballer Dondarza

Thinking about going to Spain for a holiday? Wishing to improve your Spanish? Come and enjoy learning more about the country and its rich history, art, cooking and music while becoming more comfortable with the language. This course suits complete beginners or those with some experience of the language. Sessions will be relaxed and enjoyable while learning new vocabulary and local...

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