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Colourful and Vibrant Resin Mosaic and Cloisonne Jewellery

Colourful and Vibrant Resin Mosaic and Cloisonne Jewellery

CS: 103

New for 2016

Mosaics are a great way to introduce colour and texture into jewellery and the tutor will show you how to incorporate mosaics into resin jewellery. She will also show you how to copy the ancient technique of cloisonné in a modern setting, without using complicated or expensive techniques. You will make silver-plated pendants, earrings and a bracelet. Donít be afraid of the resin we will use. It is very low odour and doesnít contain dangerous solvents. This is great course for those of you who have never made jewellery before.

Course notes



Introduction to resin and display of samples of jewellery

Health and Safety

First resin demonstration using transparent, sparkle, pearl and metallic resins

Making sheets of resin to use in mosaics

Preparation of pieces for cloisonné work



Cut up sheets of resin to embed

Prepare ceramic pieces for using in mosaic

Resin background into jewellery pieces

Addition of mosaic pieces to jewellery

Resin into cloisonné pieces- different ways to colour resin and use of variety of types of resin



More cloisonné preparation

Exploration of use of mosaic in pieces, which are not jewellery such as coasters

Students to develop the techniques in their own way



How to add a final dome layer onto the cloisonné pieces

More experimentation and play with materials



How to assemble jewellery

How to rectify mistakes and re make pieces

Tips and tricks to making successful resin jewellery


For students to bring to the class

An apron to work in

A box to take pieces home in- the size of an ice cream container is perfect



Any jewellery pliers and cutters (Clare will bring lots so these are not essential)

Any old plates (which will be broken into small flat pieces so donít bring family heirlooms!), beads, sequins

Marlborough College, Wiltshire SN8 1PA Telephone: 01672 892388